środa, 24 listopada 2010

Architecture in Granada, Nicaragua

I first became fascinated by architecture on my first trip to Granda in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is an amazingly beautiful country in North America and I always look forward to travelling there. But there is something very special about Granada. It's colonial architecture and magical athmosphere is truly unforgettable. Grananda was founded in 1524 and it the oldest colonial city in both Americas. It's colonial feel makes me believe I'm in one of the 'magical realism' novels! The Spanish colonial heritage can be seen not only in the architecture but also in the layout of the city.

Some of my favourite sites in Granda include Plaza de la Independencia, with it's landmark red-roofed buildings and Iglesia de Guadalupe with the most romantic fountain. There are also many beutiful and historic churches in Granda, some of my favourites are: San Francisco Church and Museum, Guadalupe Church, La Merced Church, Souls Chapel and Xalteva Church.