poniedziałek, 28 marca 2011

The Siemensstadt housing complex

The Great Housing Complex Siemensstadt (German Großsiedlung Siemensstadt), also housing the Ring (German Ringsiedlung) - modernist housing estate in Charlottenburg in Berlin. Erected in 1929-1931 under the direction of Hans Scharoun, then expanded existing residential Spandauer Siemensstadt. Homes in the spirit neues Bauen designed by renowned German architects of the period of the Weimar Republic: Walter Gropius, Otto Bartning, Hugo Haring, Fred Forbat and Paul Rudolf Henning. Areas around the settlements laid out Leberecht Migg.
In July 2008 the estate Siemensstadt along with five other teams modernist Berlin housing was inscribed on the UNESCO cultural heritage. The settlement grew in Charlottenburg, around the Goebelplatz in the vicinity of the Siemens companies employ 60 000 staff. Was financed by the city after Martin Wagner has been the main planner of Berlin. To work on the six selected residential architects: Hans Scharoun, Walter Gropius, Hugo Häring, Bartninga Otto, Fred and Paul Rudolph Forbata Henning.
Hans Scharoun staged here the concept of a large, loosely built estate with a large number of green belts, which became a model for housing construction after World War II. Architecture of the complex swept away with the concept of single-family houses and gardens of individual, offering a multi-storey blocks with interesting details that distinguish it from the later post-war housing estates - the facade of beige brick and unusual kidney-shaped block with balconies project Goebelstrasse Hugo Haring and sail-like metal block with balconies SHEATS Jungfernheideweg Hansa project Scharoun). In most five-story houses set in parallel rows from north to south. Particularly noteworthy is the building project Scharoun like a warship, and therefore referred to as an armored cruiser (German Panzerkreuzer).
Streets and squares named after commemorating the settlement of engineers, inventors and physicists who have contributed to the success of Siemens.