czwartek, 27 stycznia 2011

History of design

The history of design in today's sense begins in the Baroque period, when it worked the first prominent artists-called ebenistami carpenters and the first two hundred years has been the history of furniture and wnętrzarstwa. The prevailing style is called today by the great historical styles, or from the names of monarchs (style definitions appear in the history of art is always after the fact.) The main styles with similar characteristics were in various European countries and America have different names, there were more or less simultaneously, and enriched by the regional variations were sometimes shaped the local tradition and historical conditions.

wtorek, 25 stycznia 2011

Glasgow Architecture

Architecture of Glasgow is one of the most interesting examples in the UK urbandevelopment. Deserve the admiration of both restored eighteenth-century warehouses and stores of the Merchant City and the majestic buildings around George Square, built in the Victorian era of prosperity. The most unique architectural structures designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the original Art Nouveau decorations adornthe townfacade, led by the renowned School of Art Other outstanding works of this artist, the seat of Glasgow Herald, became the center of the Festival of Architecture and Designas as well as an orientation point for all visitors who visited this occasion in Glasgow.

czwartek, 20 stycznia 2011

What is popular in France?

Isn't it interesting what people in particular countries like? Then there is no better way (in my opinion) that to see how the statistics of Facebook pages look. I was looking for a reliable ranking as I was interested in France. What people in France really like, I asked. Surely, we know they like wine, and cheese, and baguettes. But what when it comes to music for example. This French Facebook page ranking helped me. For example the most popular Facebook page in the French language is Daft Punk, followed by Remi Gaillard and Chanel. I suppose that gives me a good idea already what is really popular in France!

czwartek, 13 stycznia 2011

Building a Bungalow

When we begin to build a bungalow, we must first check whether our land, the chosen model will suffice. It must demonstrate a sufficient size, because the bungalows are inherently shady. When building a bungalow, you must be sure that once it is ready it will fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Decorations can be fitted to the terraces and a beautiful garden full of flowers will be a nice addition.

wtorek, 4 stycznia 2011

Baroque Architecture in England

English Baroque, as in many other Protestant countries, belongs to the mainstream of classical, inspired by classical art and architecture of Palladio and Vignoli. British historians used to divide and name the changing architectural styles differently to the ones on the continent. In their view, up to half of the eighteenth century is one of the late Renaissance and not Baroque.
The transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque had a very mild form. Works of the late Renaissance and Baroque were characterized by severe, dense solid with symmetric, structured facades. Only the detail reveals that it is a different era. Crowning domes, attics, border portals, dormers, cartouches and medallions feature a bit more sculpting, creative form. Despite this exception is the southern portal of the project spiral shafts of columns. Portal designed by Nicholas Stone was added in 1637, the university church of St. Mary in Oxford.