piątek, 6 maja 2011

Northside - Dublin

Northside (Taobh Ó Thuaidh) is an area in Dublin, Ireland bounded on the south of the River Liffey and Dublin Bay from the east. There is no limit to the area north and west, but just a common sense border, because cities are located too far away can not be seen as part of Dublin.

Northside is not an official administrative area of Dublin, however, is quite familiar term of geographical location. Translated into Polish means "north side" of the River Liffey. Northside is traditionally viewed as an area inhabited by the working class as opposed to the more extensive the southern part of Dublin's Southside, and for years comes to the rivalry between the two parts. It should be noted, however, that was not always so - for most of the eighteenth century the most exclusive part of Dublin were the areas around Parnell Square and Bolton Street, located in the north.