poniedziałek, 14 lutego 2011

Secession architecture

Art Nouveau was an attempt to create a new style without reference to history, but only on the basis of aesthetic motivation and inspiration to the creator. This way of creating met with strong criticism of many contemporary, emphasizing that the earlier styles were created in other ways - allegedly by way of evolution resulting from environmental factors. Art Nouveau was characterized by a relatively abstract form, but also with rich ornamentation. In addition to leading architects, designating the direction of development, the style was limited essentially to the ornamentation, the case features and design engineers leaving the building. This is particularly evident in housing, where the solution to urban and housing projections remain consistent with the practice of the nineteenth century public buildings, but showing the innovation, use of romantic themes and elements of both the Neo-Romanesque and neo-gothic. Awe of nature was reflected in the ornamentation and structure of the building. Ornament Art Nouveau was not only emphasize the structure and tectonics of the building, but also provide a symbolic representation of its functions. Among the Art Nouveau ornaments appear stylized plant forms, figures and masks, long-haired women, sometimes resembling the form of wall hangings or the skin, relieves sometimes fill the entire surface of the outer walls. Elevations are continuous and smooth surface passing, it is apparent fondness for soft lines and curves and wyobleń. Ornament also includes details of building finishes, such as door handles and stair railings.