poniedziałek, 7 marca 2011

Postmodernism - the characteristics, p2.

Postmodernism is the architectural style of referring to the archetype, and reminiscences. Modernist rebellion against the historical tradition has been replaced by the discovery that it is an inexhaustible source from which you can take a variety of themes. Quotes of the architecture of the former, however, did not play the same role as in the historical patterns, they are often artificially attached to the building. Postmodernism is not the kind of historicism, because it usually does not imitate a particular style, but combines freely borrowed themes from their own ideas of contemporary artists and determinants of function. Sometimes referred to as the mannerisms of modernism.
The facade of the building gives it a postmodern meaning (sometimes symbolic) and places it in an appropriate typology, with no direct connection with the distribution function. Functionalism is rejected, the architecture is treated as an art detached from reality. Ornament and symbol, and the symmetry of the return to favor. Means of shaping the architecture becomes irony, surprise, and absurdity.